Is it time to send your little one to school? For children who have already attended day care, the transition isn’t so difficult. It is simply like going to a different place which teach them stuff in a more structured way. However for children who have been home schooled the shift might not be so easy. There are several things which parents can do to ensure that their child is well prepared for attending kindergarten.


Ensuring children are ready for kindergarten

  • When a child attend kindergarten, they should be able to tell their first and last name whenever asked.
  • They should also be able to write their own names. They should know that the first letter of their name is upper case while the rest are o be written lower case.
  • They should be able to grasp things with a three finger rasp. This is a motor skills which most children already know. Those who attend day care are often accustomed to this method of holding scissors and a pencil. Preschool basically prepares children for all these. However, these are skills which can be taught at home as well.
  • They should be able to count till 30 and if possible write the first twenty numbers
  • Have a basic idea of recognition of alphabets and the sounds accompanying those alphabets. It is expected that the child has a command over the phonemic sound of all letters. This would help them form words with ease.
  • Have awareness regarding different geometric shapes like circle, square and triangle. Plus they should have some knowledge about basic colors as well.

While the above mentioned are just academic things, there are certain social skills which the child should have mastered before the attend kindergarten. These include the following:

  • Have the ability to go to the rest room on their own and be able to adjust the clothing on their own.
  • Be able to sit for at least ten minutes without disturbing circle time. It is only very young children who are expected to roam around. By the age of six or seven every child needs to have mastered the skill of enjoying circle time.
  • Have a concept of sharing their toys and things with their peers.
  • Be able to follow directions
  • Express their ideas in a simple manner

In order to ensure that the children have an awareness of all the above mentioned things parents should make sure they interact with their child. Also sending the child to a preschool is one way of ensuring that all these things are well taken care of. Parents can start by looking for day care centers in their vicinity. On their own parents should make sure they plan trips to the zoo, park or the beach. These can be very interesting for the child and help them become aware of their surroundings.  Plus car rides are the best time to develop a child’s knowledge of colors and shapes. The M of McDonalds is a familiar sign which most children are easily able to relate to. There are several other marks like these which can help children learn without actually feeling burdened.


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