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London $555

FOR what concerns the  attractions London  certainly has nothing to envy to other European capitals. Here you are, for example, the   most beautiful, famous and visited monuments in  London , or rather, the  5 most famous monuments in London .

India $1285

Defining what are the 10 must-see attractions in India is extremely difficult: few countries boast such a wealth of history, monuments, temples and nature. But if you really have to make a choice for your trip to India , here are the 10 destinations not to be missed.

Paris $495

Modeled after the bistros of Paris with a New York feel, we have been catering to the tastes of Dallas’ discriminating patrons for over 30 years. Our restaurant reflects our clientele: the menu diverse, eclectic, and stylish, the space cosmopolitan and refined, yet with an upbeat and friendly atmosphere that will immediately set you at ease. First time visitors will be forgiven for thinking they’ve stumbled into their favorite neighborhood bistro . . . for that’s exactly what we are, to our many regulars that have come to consider Parigi a home away from home.

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the travel agency that has been operating for over 30 years in the world of tourism, offering a wide range of national and international proposals.

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Starting from the idea of ​​proposing on the market a new and stimulating formula to visit Italy and abroad, we are therefore able to offer a rich selection of the best tourist facilities in the main Italian cities and European capitals, while choosing hotels and of the apartments our attention is turned to complexes of different cost and category.

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Top destinations, amazing offers

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Information on Boarding Schools in Qld

Boarding in Australian Schools – Home away from Home!


The purpose of this article is to assemble a current picture of boarding in Australian schools, with a precise focus on the challenges showcased by the role of staff in their responsibility to create a home away from home for the young people in their care. Boarding schools are structured and monitored communities for the education and overall development of residential students. These institutions hold a charm, especially for those who have not had the ‘privilege’ of feeling this unique experience, and graduates are typically depicted in promotional material as independent young people well equipped with the courage to deal with the complexity of their life beyond the school gates. Famous Australian political leader such as Robert Menzies, as well as, business giants, Kerry Packer and Rupert Murdoch are the alumni of elite boarding schools.

Research on boarding


This topic has always been a sub-focus of research into private education and data is seldom accessible as part of larger education of non-government schools. The main reasons for boarding were identified as geographical isolation, availability of specialised courses, parents’ employment, disrupted family circumstances, and for structure and character building. There are opportunities for day students in Brisbane and other rural areas in regional Queensland for boarding schools. There are separate boarding schools for boys and girls as well.

Roles and Responsibilities


Firstly, boarding schools are bound to child protection legislation to safeguard children from harm and to prevent them from physical, psychological, and emotional abuse. The staff of boarding schools are not only mere guarantors of children safety but as importantly, they are among the best type of parents or guardians for them. The members of the staff function as a team to take the best of care for the children. The staff should possess ample of the skills, qualities, knowledge, and ability to diffuse the same in children. The personal qualities such as kindness, empathy and respect, emotional regulation, communication, knowledge of first aid, crisis management and legal issues should also be possessed by the staff member to handle children in a very well manner. The staff should be able to convert the boarding environment like family environment, with a view to promote the development of young people by teaching them a range of skills including practical skills such as culinary skills, ironing clothes, to skills that emphasise on emotional and social competence like controlling emotions, behavioural sense, communication and handling responsibilities. Staff should interact with young students in order to develop a healthy environment and make them free to ask questions and discuss their problems. However, boarding community members occupy challenging boundaries between the need to develop vicarious relationships and the requirement to maintain the appropriate distance.

A child’s personal systems are divided into primary personal system signified as family or home, and a secondary system signified as a school or university. The overall development of children is the product of the lessons and learning the child gets from both these systems. Due to the huge size of Australia, there will be an ongoing demand for a place in boarding schools. However, the boarding schools that offer warmth, safety, and can cater to the academic, physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of the adolescent.


This article is a presentation of the comprehensive description of QLD leading boarding schools. The boarding schools offer the students who are best suited to enjoy the benefits of living for a certain period within the school environment.


Important qualities to look for in North Lakes Child Care

As a parent, you want a child care centre that’s high quality and, if possible, close to work or home.

You start doing your research for North Lakes Child Care Centres and you find overwhelming choices. The question now is: which is the better one?

Before you start stressing, here are some important qualities to keep in mind as you start looking for the best child care centres:


Solid reputation

A child centre with stellar reviews from current or previous parents is the first consideration. Don’t just do your research online but also tap the network of family and friends. Get extra references from the child care centre by asking for parents’ names and numbers.

Don’t overlook social media platforms as well. Chances are child centres have their own Facebook accounts. Browse through their posts but pay more attention to parents’ comments.

Rely on your first impressions

After narrowing down your search, take time to visit the child care centres. Does everything look and feel good as you walk in the door? Does the place look clean, fun, and vibrant? Are the children engaged and happy? Do you think it’s a great place for your child? First impressions are everything when it involves this kind of situation.


Offers a varied and interesting curriculum or schedule

What you want for your child is the deciding factor for your choice. Do you want frequent changes in schedules that are geared for the needs of your child? Or would a rigid curriculum in a school-like environment meet your needs? Make sure that a minimal role is played by videos or television unless they happen to be age-appropriate and part of the learning process.


Professional and caring caregivers

Make caregiver training and certification a part of your assessment. The things to look for are degrees or certificates related to the development process of early childhood. If they have no degrees yet, are they in the process of getting one? Are they trained in emergency procedures such as CPR?

Observe the body language of the caregivers as they interact with the children. Do they talk to a child at eye-level? Or are they saying a lot of no’s and acting very authoritatively?

Are you comfortable with the caregivers? Do you feel that they can be good partners for educating your child?


Safe environment

Find a North Lakes child care centre that prioritises your child’s safety. A child care centre should show play spaces that are well maintained, childproofed, and practice safe food serving.

A good child-proofed space will show the following:

  • Windows or blinds that are at a safe distance from cribs
  • Secured places for toxic substances such as cleaning supplies and medicines
  • Covers on all outlets
  • Gate blocking stairs
  • Clean toys in prime condition
  • Straps on high chairs and changing tables
  • Absence of small objects that are choking hazards for small children
  • Out-of-reach or anchored pull strings of window blinds


Caregiver ratio

A bevy of caregivers a child centre has, the better. You would also want the same caregivers over time. This provides consistency for your child’s well-being.


The bottom line is that a combination of all the above qualities guarantees an excellent child care centre.






Why buy an Aboriginal scarf

Aboriginal scarves are quite the in thing these days. What sets these apart from other scarves are the bold prints and colours which make them a welcome addition to your wardrobe. The bright colours can instantly perk up your look and make you look confident enough to face any challenges.

If you are thinking of buying aboriginal scarf, the following are some of the reasons why you should actually consider buying at least two or three of these stylish accessories.

  • The number one reason why all women should own at least one scarf is that it’s the most stylish accessory they can get their hands on. Why? Simply because it’s a constant and just doesn’t seem to go out of fashion. It has been worn since the past decade and in fact even longer. Scarves always make an appearance of the fashion runway. This is one accessory which never goes out of style.
  • There are so many designs and colours to choose from. Not only do these scarves look great but can instantly pick up a drab and old outfit as well. if you are the sort of person who owns a capsule wardrobe you must know how you need something at times which adds a pop of colour to the usual black white and greys which are a staple part of your wardrobe. The aboriginal scarves have a bold print. The colours are vibrant and beautiful. The best things you could do is style the scarf like a neck tie.
  • Another way scarves can be a real pick me up is they reduce the need for any more accessorising. Since the colours are already so lovely and beautiful you could simply mix and match them with your clothes. This also reduces the need for any additional accessories. You could simply do away with choosing the necklace and the earrings and just really make the scarf the only single accessory that you need.

Choosing an aboriginal scarf is not difficult at all. It’s a simple as logging onto a website which specialises in selling aboriginal items. They may have scarves listed under the accessories or clothing tag. Just view their catalogue and choose a design and colour which catches your fancy. The designs are such that they go well with just about every outfit. Even if you are the sort who prefers something which isn’t too bright, there are options for choosing scarves in more solid colours. A printed black and white scarf with just a few splashes of colour can look trendy yet traditional at the same times.

The best thing about aboriginal scarves is that they are traditional but can look quite fashionable at the same time. Also the designs on each scarf is unique and has a meaning attached to it. When buying aboriginal scarves just make sure that you are buying from a store which actually sells original aboriginal products.

3 Activities You Should Plan with Your Family during a Trip to Brisbane

family brisbane

If you’re planning a trip to Brisbane and aren’t sure what to plan at the location, you definitely need to make a list. One of the biggest issues we have during our trips planned to different locations is our inability to focus on having a good time when we’re there. It is important to understand the significance of planning a trip so the entire family is aware of the situation and timings that need to be spent during one activity and so on.

There are multiple activities you can enjoy when you’re with your family members. However, keeping in mind the kind of crowd in different cities, you need to ensure your trip to Brisbane is filtered for kids when you plan what to do with kids in Brisbane. This is very important as you will be able to manage your expenses, your time and your kids.

Following is a list of top three activities you can definitely plan with your kids during your trip at Brisbane with your wife and kids:

1. Go by the River

One of the most amazing things about Brisbane is its ability to make you enjoy pleasant weather and have a good time. In order to make sure the kids do not feel bored with simply shopping and observing buildings, this is a great way for them to connect with all the things around them. The river lets your entire family participate in the amazingly adventurous activities without actually leaving the place.

2. Visit the Wildlife

No matter how much we believe in reliving the fantastic life, we all come back to nature and that’s what Brisbane is all about. Featuring one of the biggest and most diverse wildlife parks in the world, this place definitely gives you a kick for the wildlife. Not only are you able to enjoy looking at the amazingly diverse and enjoyable wildlife, you are also able to make your children learn.

Children learn more when they are enjoying and that is only possible with interesting things around them. You can make them come closer to nature with the amazing wildlife parks there with hundreds of animals and birds for you to teach them about.

3. Explore Local Parks

Local parks in Brisbane have the most wonderful and enjoyable rides for kids around the city. These parks have delightful families who are coming in and sharing moments with their families. You can also do the same by visiting multiple recreational parks with rides, food courts nearby and so much more! There is not a moment of boredom in these local amusement parks. Not only will your kids be able to enjoy the fresh air but also get in touch with the other children playing around.


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