“Ivrea Industrial City of the Twentieth Century” is a Unesco World Heritage site , a news arrived while the work of the 42nd World Heritage Committee is under way.

So what was born as an idea of ​​an Italian entrepreneur, today becomes a site of global importance.

The Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities Alberto Bonisoli commented: “Ivrea, the city of the twentieth century industrial revolution, is the 54th Italian Unesco site . A recognition that goes to a humanistic conception of the work of Adrano Olivetti, born and developed by the Community movement and here fully achieved, in which the economic, social and cultural well-being of employees is considered an integral part of the production process “.

The World Heritage Committee has gathered in these days in Manama, Bahrain, where work will continue until July 4th, and is announcing the new entries in the list born of a convention in 1972.

Ivrea is located in the metropolitan area of ​​Turin , in Piedmont, its candidacy was presented to the Eneco in January 2017 by the Municipality and the Antonio Olivetti Foundation with the Guelpa Foundation, the Region, the Metropolitan City and the Municipality of Banchette . To coordinate the whole Secretary-General – UNESCO Office of MiBACT with the collaboration of institutions and experts. Since then, a process of evaluation has begun on the part of the advisory bodies of the United Nations organization that lasted a year and a half.

Founded in 1908 by Camillo Olivetti, the industrial city is a true industrial and socio – cultural project of the twentieth century. Most of its development took place between the Thirties and Sixties of the twentieth century under the direction of Adriano Olivetti, when the company of the same name produced typewriters, mechanical calculators and computers . Shape of the city and many of the buildings that compose it are born from the genius of Italian architects and urban planners. There are buildings for production, administration, social services and residential uses, which are representative of the Community Movement. It is a cultural current, which then became a political party, founded by Adriano Olivetti and socialist and liberal democratic. Therefore, Ivrea is an example of the experimentation of social and architectural ideas of industrial processes and an innovative experience of world-class industrial production that focuses on the well-being of local communities .

Interesting the perimeter where is the perimeter of the area destined to the industrial project olivettano with buildings of the production, offices services as kindergartens, and canteen, and the residences.


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