As a parent, you want a child care centre that’s high quality and, if possible, close to work or home.

You start doing your research for North Lakes Child Care Centres and you find overwhelming choices. The question now is: which is the better one?

Before you start stressing, here are some important qualities to keep in mind as you start looking for the best child care centres:


Solid reputation

A child centre with stellar reviews from current or previous parents is the first consideration. Don’t just do your research online but also tap the network of family and friends. Get extra references from the child care centre by asking for parents’ names and numbers.

Don’t overlook social media platforms as well. Chances are child centres have their own Facebook accounts. Browse through their posts but pay more attention to parents’ comments.

Rely on your first impressions

After narrowing down your search, take time to visit the child care centres. Does everything look and feel good as you walk in the door? Does the place look clean, fun, and vibrant? Are the children engaged and happy? Do you think it’s a great place for your child? First impressions are everything when it involves this kind of situation.


Offers a varied and interesting curriculum or schedule

What you want for your child is the deciding factor for your choice. Do you want frequent changes in schedules that are geared for the needs of your child? Or would a rigid curriculum in a school-like environment meet your needs? Make sure that a minimal role is played by videos or television unless they happen to be age-appropriate and part of the learning process.


Professional and caring caregivers

Make caregiver training and certification a part of your assessment. The things to look for are degrees or certificates related to the development process of early childhood. If they have no degrees yet, are they in the process of getting one? Are they trained in emergency procedures such as CPR?

Observe the body language of the caregivers as they interact with the children. Do they talk to a child at eye-level? Or are they saying a lot of no’s and acting very authoritatively?

Are you comfortable with the caregivers? Do you feel that they can be good partners for educating your child?


Safe environment

Find a North Lakes child care centre that prioritises your child’s safety. A child care centre should show play spaces that are well maintained, childproofed, and practice safe food serving.

A good child-proofed space will show the following:

  • Windows or blinds that are at a safe distance from cribs
  • Secured places for toxic substances such as cleaning supplies and medicines
  • Covers on all outlets
  • Gate blocking stairs
  • Clean toys in prime condition
  • Straps on high chairs and changing tables
  • Absence of small objects that are choking hazards for small children
  • Out-of-reach or anchored pull strings of window blinds


Caregiver ratio

A bevy of caregivers a child centre has, the better. You would also want the same caregivers over time. This provides consistency for your child’s well-being.


The bottom line is that a combination of all the above qualities guarantees an excellent child care centre.







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