The experiences that your children are going to learn from a child care centre would be critical for their later learning and developing relationships with family members and peers. At a day care your child is given the opportunity to learn and socialize at a young age. This is the very reason why most parents consider sending the children to a child care in Helens vale.

The day-care is not only an option for parents who are looking for someone to look after the children while they are at work. In fact there are parents who want the children to learn in a structured environment instead of home-schooling them.

Benefits of a Helens vale child care centre

At a day care Centre children follow a structured routine and have certain schedules. There they are provided with a number of fun learning activities which also includes story telling and circle time. These activities can help increase the child’s intellect and development especially for toddlers. Since they have a structured time for playing and napping as well it can help improve their behaviour at home as well.

There are also many scientific studies which show that children who spend their time at a day-care have a better cognitive performance as they grow older. Since day care can contribute to your child’s future success it is important that you choose one which offers the right kind of facilities and support so that your child can get the right kind of information and knowledge from them.

It can also have a good effect on your child’s confidence. This is because when they are meeting new people they are learning interpersonal skills at a very young age. They learn to communicate and also build their self-esteem in the process.

Since there are a number of children of varying ages at the day care, it is a great place for your child to learn to communicate effectively. Even if your child is non-verbal they would still learn communication skills which would come in handy during the transition to kindergarten. In fact a child care centre offers the right opportunity for your children to work on the communication especially areas in which they have difficulty.

It is important for young children to have ample time to play and indulge in activities which not only help develop their cognitive skills but also their motor skills. Their caregivers at the Day Care Centre would ensure that the practice activities like pouring and beading so that it can improve the hand and eye coordination. Children are energetic and when they get ample time to play and exercise they become tired and sleep well at night as well.

Before you start considering a child care centre for your little one it is important that you make sure it has a safe environment and would be able to provide your children with not only the best care but also help them develop lifelong skills which would be useful for them in the future. Try to visit Play & Learn with your child to check if you both will like the environment and the program.


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